Shanthi Mogali, M.D. - Adult and Addiction Psychiatry
Shanthi Mogali, M.D.
Shanthi Mogali, M.D. Adult and Addiction PsychiatristI would like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My philosophy is based on the belief that your voice is of the utmost importance. I am committed to hearing that voice and providing you with the tools you need to accomplish your treatment goals.  
I aim to work together with you to develop a customized plan that will address your needs. I am a strong believer in psychotherapy and have experience in treating individuals, groups, couples and families. Medications can be life saving, thus it may be necessary to initiate or adjust medications to optimize your treatment. If this is the case, I will inform you of options and take the time to ensure that you make a good, and educated decision. It is important to me that we collaborate to find the best treatment needed to meet your goals.
In addition to my General Adult Psychiatry training, I am also specialized and board certified in Addiction Psychiatry and am affiliated with the Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute Division of Substance Abuse. I provide psychotherapy to enhance motivation and prevent relapse in individuals struggling with alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and opioid abuse. I am a Suboxone provider and also experienced in administering Vivitrol injections for opioid and alcohol dependence. I am actively involved in research with areas of interest in opioid dependence and complicated grief. Thus, I integrate cutting edge treatments into my practice and often consult renowned leaders in the field. I am innovative and experienced with a broad array of behavioral and medical treatments of all psychiatric disorders.

I welcome the opportunity to help you and hope to hear from you soon.